Home Brass!

Home Brass plays jazz standard “All of Me” during our CollectIvel @St Andrew’s Festival, 2021

Jamie Wall, Dan Taylor, Peter Moutoussis, Ali Welsh and Barnaby Slade

Eden Baroque in Biggleswade…

Mike and Katharine play Music for a while during our CollectIvel@St Andrew’s Festival 2021.

Michael Sanderson and Katherine May

Flute Treat

Our first LIVE concert of 2021!

30th May, St. Andrew’s Church, Biggleswade.

Eva Caballero, Julia Black, Stefanie Heichelheim, Josh Salter

Haydn Seven Last Words

Our first streamed concert 2021…

Dominika Fehér, Julia Black, Stefanie Heichelheim, Henrik Persson

Collaborative Masque

@ Kate Miller, poet, May 2020.

How CollectIvel started…Bach Double Violin Concerto

Classics by Candlelight, 2010.

Pamela Moutoussi plays Biber’s Passacaglia

Classics by Candlelight, Biggleswade.

Musica Donum Dei plays “Heart’s Ease”

recording locally in St Nicholas’s Church, Hinxworth…

The extraordinary Martin Feinstein live

from Summer Classics, Biggleswade 2014.

The Hesperides Quartet play Mendelssohn

live, Biggleswade 2019.

Musica Donum Dei play Witches Dance no.1

from Masque of Queens