CollectIvel is a collective of freelance performance artists who come together from all over the UK to create events and concerts in the River Ivel area.
Flute Treats
Flute Treats

Flute Treats

The country’s been given the go-ahead for concerts – huzzah!

So join CollectIvel for a fabulous programme of three Flute Quartets, all very different in character: experience the elegance of the J.C. Bach quartet, the beauty of Mozart’s famous D major quartet (including what must be one of the most extraordinary slow movements ever written) and the darkly humorous drama of a little-known Viotti quartet…

A programme so good, we’re playing it twice! 6pm, Saturday 23rd May in Golder’s Green and 3pm, Sunday 30th May in Biggleswade.

Visit our events page for more details on how to book tickets.

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