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CollectIvel @ St Andrew's Festival

CollectIvel @ St Andrew's Festival
Photo by Nick Hawkes / Unsplash
Festival poster…

well, that was amazing! Four concerts in three days involving 14 musicians! Lots of audience enjoyment, amazing musical moments and, most importantly, live music feeding everyone’s soul. Don’t know about youse out there, but we are exhilarated – and exhausted…

We’ll be adding some clips and photos of events to our media and gallery pages, so have a look and see what was occurring in the ‘Wade! And what some of you missed – you mouldy old things! Next year – put it in your diary and cancel everything else – yes, everything!

And whilst you’re here, do consider buying us a coffee – a really simple way to support this cultural initiative; you’d be amazed at how much a coffee helps. So far, coffee donations have paid for work on the website, and one proper concert fee for a musician. Our aim is to produce high quality cutural events for all, but to do this we need your support!

(Actually, we’re aiming for world domination – one viola da gamba at a time 😉 )