CollectIvel is a collective of freelance performance artists who come together from all over the UK to create events and concerts in the River Ivel area.
Baroquestock is back!

Baroquestock is back!

Our musical friends in North London, ably led by the indominitable John-Henry and Nicola, have created ‘Off The Road’ – a week long festival of concerts…

“On the road we go at an average speed of 67mph.
Off the road we use bikes, skateboards, Fiat 500. Ah, also the hot air balloon.

On the road you have modern strings, iPads and keys;

Off the road one crook for each tonality, beeswax and a handwritten score.

To go from A to B there is generally a very comfy straight road, a motorway or a high speed train … but you can also go off the road and stop at Nico’s Deli (your favorite local cafe), chat to the very ‘chatty’ neighbour, at the secondhand shop, at John-Henry’s printing shop to pick up some prints.
You might even have time to think if what you are looking for it’s actually what you are experiencing. 

Eventually, you will still get from A to B…

and ice-cream is definitely better in the local shop than in a city chain.

Going from A to B, off the road, with a good soundtrack, we will gather a group of friends, music lovers, historical musicians, curious jazz players, nerd keyboardists, crazy singers… 

After 5 years Baroquestock is a community.
We don’t aim to teach something to anyone…but we aim to not leave friends behind.
Off the road you can miss the train, because you will have all day to get to your ‘’final destination’’.

On the road there might be the excitement of the arrival destination, or the smell of planned adventures.
Off the road you might meet old friends, have time for a nap after lunch, or time to put order in your thoughts. 

Please come OFF THE ROAD!”

24th – October 6pm


Bach – Cantata BWV98 & J.Haydn – Stabat Mater 

Conductors – John Andrews (Haydn) / Benedict Williams (Bach)

Choir – Minerva Consort 

26th – October 1pm  – FREE Lunchtime Concert

The First Little Things in Odd Shapes

Music by Graf, M.Haydn, Beecke

Istante Collective

27th october 7.30pm 

Venice: “A city in disguise”  

Music by Mainerio, Gabrieli, Albinoni, Vivaldi.

‘The Fifth Siren’ – podcast presentation with Emily Naylor

Istante Collective & FILL productions 

28th October

7pm – Handel’s Forgotten Violin Virtuoso

Music by Giuseppe Agus, Geminiani, Mascitti & Corelli

Quartetto Vanvitelli

8.30pmHandel’s ‘Italian’ Orchestra 

Music by Sammartini, Castrucci, Geminiani & Handel.

Quartetto Vanvitelli & Istante Collective

29th October  

7pm The Second Little Things in Odd Shapes

Music by Boccherini, Hoffmeister, Rossini, Mozart

8.30pm The Philosopher on Fire

J.Haydn symphony n.22  “The Philosopher” & n.59 “The Fire”

Joel Sanderson – conductor

Istante Collective & Quartetto Vanvitelli

30th October


WHM present their debut album of essential classics arranged for a peculiar ensemble. 

Willingdon House Music

8.30pm Couperin unRAVELed

Couperin concert royaux & Ravel ‘Tombeau de Couperin’

Istante Collective & Willingdon House Music

31st October 6pm


Bach cantata BWW89 & music by Telemann & Mattheson 

Wilf Merttens – storyteller

Istante Collective &  Benedict Williams

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